Zaira Nara Argentine model

Zaira Nara  Argentine model (5)

Zaira Nara born August 15, 1988 in Boulogne Sur Mer, Argentina is an Argentine model and TV host, and sister of Wanda Nara. In 2010, according to FHM magazine, she was ranked 47 of the world’s sexiest women in 2010.

Zaira Nara  Argentine model (2)

Nara has modelled for brands such as Herbal Essences, McDonald’s, La Serenísima, Gillette, Pantene and Falabella. She has also been featured in the cover of the Argentine editions of Cosmopolitan and Women’s Health.

Zaira Nara  Argentine model (4)

Career of Zaira Nara
Zaira Nara began her career as a child model and professionally in adolescence for the agency Dotto Models, but later in 2008 she left Dotto Models to join Chekka Buenos Aires the agency of Mauricio Catarain, in which she won numerous advertising contracts to be the image of prestigious brands of clothing, lingerie and cosmetics.

Zaira Nara  Argentine model (1)

Actually is part of Multitalent Agency. In 2010, she competed as a contestant in the Marcelo Tinelli’s show Bailando 2010, being eliminated 9th and was the host of La Cocina del Show.  In 2011, she won the pink soccer ball and replaced her sister Wanda Nara in Bailando 2011 when the latter left the show because of her pregnancy.

Zaira Nara  Argentine model (3)

Personal life of Zaira Nara
On March 9, 2011 Diego Forlán announced on his Twitter page that he and Zaira were engaged to be married. However, in June 2011, Forlan and Nara announced they were breaking their engagement. After the breakup, Zaira stated “Now what I can say is thank goodness I didn’t get married!”. From October 2011 to November 2014, she was dating tennis player Juan Mónaco.

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