Nicole Meyer for Khurana Jewellery collection 2010

Nicole Meyer for Khurana Jewellery collection 2010

Founded in 1950 by Shri Uttam Chand Khurana. Khurana Jewellery House is one of North India’s leading retailers of fine jewellery. Today, we are renowned for combining timeless craftsmanship with superior quality and contemporary design to produce exquisite & elegant masterpieces.

Khurana Jewellery House takes great pride in its rich heritage and outstanding reputation, successfully combining all the positive qualities from its past with an innovative approach to design and craftsmanship today. This approach is visible in the wide range of merchandise that we offer.

The stunning beauty and intricacy of each design is the result of an uncompromising passion for artisanship. A purchase from us is much more than an investment in a beautiful piece of jewellery.

The Grace of God is unfathomed and his bounty immeasurable…

Thank the Good Lord for his benevolence and blessings which have made it possible for Khurana Jewellery House to grow from strength to strength and attain milestones which have brought unlimited laurels and renown for us and greater opportunities to get nearer and dearer to our valued patrons.
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