Irina Shayk

Irina Shayk (1)

Despite setting a new gold-standard in statuesque Russian beauty, Irina Shayk did not initially seem destined for supermodelling superstardom. As a kid she wanted to be an English teacher, but encouraged by her mum she instead attended a music school for seven years, before switching to studying marketing at college, then getting bored of that and enrolling in a beauty school with her sister.

Irina Shayk (3)

Irina Shayk (5)

In a twist of fate, the beauty school was next to a local modelling agency; a scout noticed Irina, and told her that she should enter Miss Chelyabinsk 2004. She won, drew the attention of yet more scouts, and within a year was modelling in Paris. From teacher to musician to marketeer to beautician to supermodel – that’s one twisty-turny career path, Irina.

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Irina Shayk (2)

Irina Shayk (4)

Irina Shayk (6)


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